Disc Harrow

Gobind’s disc harrow is an impeccable machine that  is useful for soil preparation. It is used to turn, break, refine and distribute the soil to create a perfect seedbed.

Gobind’s top-of-the-line disc harrows feature a series of heavy-duty, adjustable disc blades that are mounted on a sturdy frame and designed to be pulled behind a tractor. These blades are perfect for breaking up and turning over the soil, helping to loosen compacted earth and prepare it for planting.

But that’s not all – Gobind’s Disc Harrows are also great for controlling weeds and eliminating debris, making them an essential tool for any farmer or agricultural professional. With their versatility and ease of use, they are sure to become a staple in your field maintenance routine.

Disc Harrow

Technical Specifications

Length (mm)2413 mm
Width (mm)1575 mm
Height (mm)1168 mm
Power source Tractor PTO 45 HP & above
Heavy duty frame structureISA
Blade MaterialsBoron steel
Three point hitchCAT ||
Support frame flat2
Weight (kg)330
No. of disc16