Laser Land Leveler

Gobind’s laser land levelling is a laser-guided technology that’s used to level fields by removing soil from high points of the field and depositing it in low points of the field. Laser land levelling also helps improve crop establishment and enables crops to mature uniformly throughout the land.

This impeccably designed laser land leveler by Gobind is the ideal addition to a farmer’s infirmary which helps them make their processes more efficient without any labour. The leveller has a length of about 7 feet that can quickly level the land and save a lot of water during the process. The eco-friendly setup is also ideal for saving around 30% water and provides a perfect platform for sowing seed, germination, and crop handling. It is laser-guided so as to deliver a uniform outcome and the design can be easily configured and attached to your present tractor for operation. 

Gobind’s laser land levellers are known for their high precision and efficiency, as they allow the operator to create a perfectly level surface with minimal effort. They may also feature additional features, such as automatic control systems and GPS guidance, to further improve accuracy and speed.

Laser Leveler

Technical Specifications