Reversable MB Plough

The Gobind’s RMB reversible Plough machine is used in farming for the initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting. Gobind has the best-in-class ploughs in the Indian farming market at a very affordable price.

It consists of a series of sharp, curved blades mounted on a long, sturdy frame that is typically attached to a tractor. The plough machine is designed to be pulled through the soil, digging into the ground and turning over the top layers of soil as it goes. This process helps to loosen and aerate the soil, as well as mix in organic matter and eliminate weeds. Reversible plough machines are typically used for preparing larger areas of land for plantings, such as fields and gardens, and they are known for their efficiency and versatility. Some reversible plough machines may also feature adjustable depth settings and other features to allow for greater control and customization.

Reversable MB PLOUGH

Technical Specifications

Size4 Furrow
No. of Tynes3 & 4
Tyne type490*231 mm Profile cut
Mould Board8 mm
Shovel (point) EN – 42 Forged
3 Point linkage 75*20 mm flat
Bearing 32017
Width of cut (between Tynes 29 inches
Depth of cut35 mm
Blade type En-8, Steel Blade