HD Rotavator

The semi-HD rotavator l has been designed with excellence and one objective in mind; to better serve and help our nation’s farmers. From the drive line to the chassis and hood of the machine Gobind’s semi-hd rotavators are built to withstand the rigorous job they do and the unsuspected obstacles they come into contact with under the soil surface. Whether shaft and gear or chain driven, the drive lines are perfectly specified and high-quality components are used throughout to ensure longevity and reliability.

It’s lighter in weight as compared to the Arjun rotavators which enable easy handling and more efficiency. It typically has a more powerful engine and larger, more durable blades than a standard rotavator, making it ideal for use in commercial and professional settings. These rotavators are often used for preparing land for planting crops, such as vegetables and grains, as well as for maintaining large lawns and gardens. They are also commonly used for tilling the land for landscaping and construction projects. Some semi-HD rotavators may also feature additional features, such as adjustable tilling depth and width, as well as multiple speed settings to allow for greater control and versatility.

Arjun HD Rotavator

Technical Specifications

ModelGI - 150GI - 175GI - 200GI - 225
Tractor power35-45 HP45-55 HP55-70 HP70-75 HP
Overall width180 cm205 cm230 cm255 cm
Tillage width150 cm175 cm200 cm225 cm
Gear Box speed MultiMultiHDHD
Side transmissionGearGearGearGear
P.T.O speed ( RPM )540/1000540/1000540/1000540/1000
Rotor speed ( RPM )220220220220
No. of blades42485460
Gearbox Overload ProtectionShear BoltShear BoltShear BoltShear Bolt