Super Seeder

Gobind’s super seeder consists of a high-performing rotor for managing paddy residues and a zero-till drill to sow wheat. Flail-type straight blades are mounted on the straw management rotor which cuts the standing stubbles/ loose straw coming in front of the sowing time and cleans.

Each tine twice in one rotation of the rotor for proper placement of seed in the soil. The flails push the residues as surface much between the seeded rows. 

It helps germinate seeds efficiently and helps significantly reduce the time and labor required to plant it. Gobind’s super seeders are  known for their accuracy and precision, as they can help to ensure that seeds are planted at the optimal depth and spacing for maximum germination and growth. Some super seeders may also be equipped with GPS guidance systems to further improve accuracy and efficiency.

Super Seeder

Technical Specifications

ModelGI - 175GI - 200
Tractor Power45-50 HP55-60 HP
Overall width230 cm250 cm
Tillage width175 cm200 cm
Gear box speedMultiMulti
Side transmissionGEARGEAR
PTO speed (RPM)540/1000540/1000
Rotor Speed ( RPM )220220
No. of blades4248
Seed and fertilizer mechanism Aluminum fluted roller type Aluminum fluted roller type
No. of tynes1011
Press rollerAvailableAvailable