Top 4 myths about the planting season

By gobind In Uncategorized On January 8, 2023

Preparation is the key to ensuring a successful planting season. The ideal season is the one where operations run efficiently, waste is quite minimal, and farm profitability is maximized.  Farming technology can help in all these areas to make farmers’ lives easier and farming operations run more smoothly.

In this blog, we look into the top 5 myths about this planting season that you will need to bust as we enter this new year. Let’s dive right into it.

#1 Myth: Field overlap is just a part of farming with multiple pieces of farm equipment, especially when fields are shaped.

Truth:  Guidance and steering systems can significantly lower the number of overlaps (or skips) in your fields. Not only will it save money on fuel costs, but also it will be more accurate with seeding and spraying. One can choose to go the assisted steering route or go fully automated to stay hands-free ensuring you are able to keep an eye on your other equipment. We recommend the Autopilot Automated Steering System to help you accurately work your irregularly shaped fields.

#2 Myth: Indian agriculture is heavily dependent on rainfall

Truth: Indian agriculture is more monsoon-resilient than assumed. India has the world’s largest area i.e. 91 million hectares under irrigation. Over 70% of wheat land and 59% of Paddy Thresher in India are irrigated. Eight top horticulture crops that are grown in India also have high levels of irrigation. China and the US with lower precipitation (rain and snow) are among the world’s top agricultural producers.

#3 Myth: Yield monitoring and farming technologies aren’t worth the money. 

Truth: Yield monitors and farming technologies assist in different farming practices such as seed selection, future plots, fertilizer spreader removal rates, grain loads, and auto cut width and then show this information on a monitor in the cab of the tractor. This input is then formatted into a yield map which can show which areas of your farm are more profitable and then help you get the other areas up to where they should be. As far as determining if yield monitors are worth the cost depends largely on how you use them. Many farmers have found it pays for itself in a year’s time.

#4 Myth: Data integration isn’t worth it. The learning curve is too great and not worth the time.

Truth: While we know data integration can certainly be tricky, with a little knowledge of how it works and a little patience, it can truly be life-changing for farming operations. Just a few tips we have to offer are to make sure all systems are compatible, regularly calibrate and service your technology solutions from time to time, and get to know the technology you’re using.

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While there is an initial investment upfront,  farming integrated with technology pays for itself over time. Our agricultural implements truly can take your farming operations to the next level and have things running smoother and more efficiently than ever before.